Basic SEO is an integral part of any website functionality and Google search Relevance. Seo google


Your website is not a home, where only those you invited will visit. Your website is your online store, which should be properly and tastefully designed and optimized to attract customers and to drive traffic on its own. Consequently, A website without a Basic search engine optimization setup is just like a house with the tasteful exterior finished design, while its interior is abandoned, with no POP/Ceiling, Wall plastering/Screeding, or basic wall electrical installations.


With Search engine optimization setup, Your site will gain a VIP class from Google to crawl. Meanwhile, While other sites will be on the queue waiting for them to be crawl and index periodically when they update their sites, your own site would have been visited by Google bot and updated in the google search engine. With this in place, you can easily create a blog post and your post may start making it into the list of sites that will be ranked which will start generating traffic for your business in the google search engine organically.


This means you don’t necessarily have to spend too much money running Paid Ads or display ads known as SEM, all the time, because Basic SEO will get your Website up and running FAST!!! Vast numbers of websites today are not recognized by Google? That’s right! The reason is that they don’t come with basic SEO and their web developer wouldn’t tell them, because they knew you wouldn’t accept it.


Ironically, once your website is designed, you MUST optimize it. Otherwise, you will have to drive traffic to it manually i.e word of mouth or by sharing your URL with friends. This means, if you don’t go out to tell people by sharing your URL for them to visit your website, your site can’t gain exposure. That’s not fair for your site.



Keywords: It is important to know what keywords your website is ranking for, this is what will drive traffic to your site organically, because Google audience are online, craving and yearning for solutions to their problems if your site is not ranking for any keywords, or its page-speed is not fast, and the total page size is not optimized, obviously, your site won’t stand a chance to compete with your roaring competitor looking for your ideal customers/client to sway into their sales funnel.


It is said that, if your site should take more then 4sec for it to load, your prospective customer will move on. The purpose of designing a site is to gain a class and to create a standard for your business outlook, which also is for the purpose of your business to be discovered on Google Search.


Another thing is, creating a blog post without basic SEO google is just like ignoring the basic interior design which must come first, but then you start painting and putting up a canvas, and picture frames without plastering/Screeding the walls.


Google Analytics: Google Analytics will help you to monitor the activities of your website visitors, the pages they visited, the in-bound and out-bound rate, their location, demographics, etc….. This data will enable you to know who your target audience is which will ensure the definition of your target customers.


It doesn’t matter which industry you belong, inasmuch your business is website dependent and you’ve created a personality via your website, then you want to scan/diagnosed your side to discover its weakness and get it up and running.


There are 5 focus KPIs  SEO google that will reveal how strong or weak your website is doing in the Google Search Engine and these 5 KPIs will expose it all………

Focus KPIs are:

  1. SEO
  2. Usability
  3. Performance
  4. Social
  5. Security


HTML Header: (Title tags, Meta Description)

Body Content: (Headers tag, Keyword consistency, Individual Keywords, Phrases, Alt Attribute, Amount Of Content)



Numbers of Backlinks
Top backlinks
on-page link structure
Friendly URL

Tag test
Header Test

Google Analytics


This is the crucial KPIs we want to help you diagnosed to checkmate their current state.


However, ask yourself, What is the point of building a website that won’t stand a chance to compete while other websites with low cost is making the ranking list in the google search engine and are driving traffic organically?

It doesn’t make sense right?


Which means a well-optimized site will experience more Sales, Higher Website Visitors, Visibility, Competitiveness, Validation, and Exposure in the GSE (google search engine)


Website Audit is at a cost and can go as high as $1,000 depends on your niche and industry you belong, but we are offering you this service for FREE.


Yes, for FREE!!


If you wish to try our services, we will be glad to help your website get up and running at a high velocity. You can visit out official websites at https://dexondynastydigital.com